jQuery Set Image Margins Based on Float Alignment Style

by echobitz 13. February 2013 05:12
I like to have my images aligned with my text margins and the text wrapped nicely along side with a generous gap. Most blog software uses some form of inserting images and then allowing you float it right or left. But there isn't a margin setting that I have ever seen. [More]

What's Echobitz?

by echobitz 8. January 2012 01:00
I've been playing around building websites and doing SEO work for quite a few years now. During this time I wouldn't have been able to build what I have without the bitz of code and advice from people on the Internet. I would like to thank them all by echoing some of the code bitz I have been able to create with the help of others. I plan to focus on useful code from a design perspective and I will also try and make sure it's a little different from what I have seen done before. [More]

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Glassic Bar Blogengine Theme

by echobitz 8. January 2011 06:55
The Glassic Bar theme has a lavalamp menu, a sliding sidebar and a four column footer. It hosts a few jQuery plugins and scripts that animate link colors, backgrounds and a few other things. The theme uses modern translucent gradients, CSS 3 shadows and rounded corners. [More]